Acupuncture EHR

Online Scheduler

NEW to QiNotes® is an online scheduler so patients can schedule new appointments from their patient portal.  The patient portal is a HIPAA secure environment where a patient can fill out their intake form, edit their address, or NOW schedule new appointments.

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Free Herbal Consults

Sometimes patient’s medical history is full of opposing symptoms and riddled with medications. Not sure which herbs would be best for your patient or has it been awhile since you prescribed Si Ni Tang or Si Ni San? No problem! Acupuncturists who subscribe to QiNotes® are provided an easy interface to send licensed herbalist who work for QiNotes® details about your patient. They will get back to you within 24 hours with suggestions.

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Square Integration

Square has taken over the credit card transaction scene over the past 5 years. QiNotes® integrates directly with your Square account on your iPad when you need to process a visit. It’s as easy as a button press.

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Super Bill Generation

QiNotes® provides the acupuncturist the ability to quickly generate a super bill for the patient based on the visit’s intake. Then quickly print it directly from the iPad

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Herbal and Formula Database

QiNotes® comes loaded with a fully developed resource for Single Herbs and Formula Ingredients. Can’t remember what herbs are in Si Wu Tang. No problem, you can reference the formula directly from the app.

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Tongue, Abdominal, Pulse Diagnosis Tools

Tongue Diagnosis Tool
The ability to accurately draw on a tongue image and store that information into a patient’s record is possible with QiNotes. Red Tip, yellow coating, distended sublinguals, etc.…

Hara Abdominal Diagnosis Tool
Abdominal diagnosis for tracking the progress or current state of a patient has been added to QiNotes as a tool for those who have found the benefit in Hara Abdominal diagnosis and other traditional abdominal diagnosis theories.

Pulse Diagnosis Tool
If you chart by Cun, Guan, Chi or Lung Pulse and Kidney Pulse. QiNotes provides the interface to log those pulse qualities.

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TCM Treatment Methods

Ear Points
Easily mark which ear points you selected or circle a few of the most commonly used ear points in Chinese Medicine.

Draw either on the anterior or posterior of the body where any cupping was performed.

Designate which acupuncture points were hooked up to negative and positive leads.

Tonify, sedate, or just direct insertion.  Log all relevant characteristics of the method in which each acupuncture point was needled.

Live Chat

Want instant access to one of our software support managers. Just click Live Chat during business hours and there you have it!

Risk Of Cancer Patient Alert

An algorithm within QiNotes searches each patient’s medical history for signs of Cancer. If there are indications of one of your patients having symptoms that could indicate a further look into the potential of cancer. An alert will appear on your patient record.

Digital Waiver Forms

Waiver forms are signed directly on the iPad. Limiting the need for paper printouts.

Patient Medical Chart Importing Tool

Does your patient have paper charts or blood results? Do you have previous paper documentation about your patient? No problem, easily load those documents directly into your patients record.