About Us

Our Approach

BPS Technologies LLC (“BPS”) was founded in 2014 with a goal of creating a documentation platform that was specific to Acupuncture Practitioners.  In early 2015 BPS launched QiNotes (version 1).  QiNotes is a mobile device driven Electronic Medical Record (“EMR”) specifically designed for documenting acupuncture.

QiNotes design differentiates itself from western medicine based medical record systems by allowing practitioners to document assessments and treatments unique to Chinese and Oriental medicine.  Using the system, practitioners can more efficiently document and care for their clients while improving the functions of their practice.  BPS is the sole owner of all the Intellectual Property rights to QiNotes.

Our Team

Kurt Breeding RN BSN, BSBA President: Kurt's experience includes a background in Nursing and Nursing management augmented by a stint in the finance department of Saint Luke's Health System.  His experience at Saint Luke's and a certification in Medical Coding was the catalyst behind his formation of Clinical Coding Solutions Inc. with two other business partners.  His roles included primary content expert, sales support and designer of the CCS coding platform.  This platform was the centerpiece in a business model that focused squarely on a niche in the market, Emergency Department Coding and Charge Capture services.  CCS was sold to Dallas based T-Systems Inc. in 2012 an Emergency Department documentation company.  At the time Kurt left CCS in 2013 CCS had over 150 client hospitals, 300 contract coders and revenues of over $7.5 million annually.

Chris Powell has been the owner and operator of Missouri Acupuncture Services, LLC since its inception in 1996 after graduating from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine. He has maintained one of the busiest acupuncture clinics in the State of Missouri since 2000. His primary focus has been on the integration of Chinese medicine and cancer care in the state of Missouri as well as hospitals in Maine. Chris has been a research assistant with renowned Chinese physician Dr. Kezhuang Zhao in Santa Fe, New Mexico and his cancer clinic with St. Vincent’s Hospital. He has studied extensively with some of the most notable teachers in the field of Chinese medicine; most notably Dr. Joseph Thomas and Dr. John Shen and Dr. Leon Hammer.  Chris has recently graduated from the International Center for East Asian Medicine in an equivalency of a post-doc degree with Dr. Arnaud Versluys in herbal medicine and Canonical Chinese Medicine. He currently maintains a Wellness Center with his wife in Kansas City, Missouri.

Travis Spire-Sweet LAc. Dipl. OM: Vice President and Primary Developer: After receiving his Masters of Science degree in 2009 , he has been a primary innovator in how acupuncturists learn trends in the field by producing a highly viewed and respected podcast called Yin Yang Podcast which currently has a listenership of 2,000 monthly.  The Yin Yang Podcast can be found on iTunes store, Stitcher Radio, SoundCloud, and www.yinyangpodcast.com. This niche market of podcast listening acupuncturists did not exists when the podcast first aired in 2013. The podcasts has also been trusted by large medical education institutes such as Harvard, MD Anderson Oncology Hospital, and Georgetown University Medical Center to publicize their findings in acupuncture research. As an iOS developer he has researched, designed, and developed enterprise mobile application for a Fortune 200 company, mobile application for hemophiliacs, Primary investigator for NIH grant submission researching behavior and movement of Alzheimer patients, collaborating with Children's Mercy Hospital on mobile applications to incentivize immune supressive medication in teenagers whom have had kidney tranplants, and 3 patent pending technologies for measuring construction sites near railroad construction.